Focus on page after New Tab open!

Hi all,
new Brave user here. I wanted to know how to set the focus on page after opening the new tab. Actually it is focused on address bar.
My system: MacOS Ventura
Brave v1.46.140

Thank you.

Umm not sure what you mean. If possible please share a screenshot.

Hi @SmartyAadi, thanks for reply.
I mean after opening new Tab the focus(cursor) goes here:

… I want the focus (cursor) to be here:

Hello @Dorald

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to our community! to give a correct answer could you kindly share a video about what you want to do?

Be waiting for your response and have a great day!

Hi @Alice2095, I searched here in forum and I found this post that describes exactly what I’m trying to explain.

I really need this “feature” on Brave !
Please help me how can I activate this ?

Like one already mentioned there, the search will take you to your selected search anyway so why need it to be in the search bar specifically ?

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