Focus moves to URL bar when switching to new tab



When opening a link in a new tab and then switching to it, the focus moves to the URL bar. This seems unnecessary and prevents the user from using keyboard shortcuts without clicking somewhere in the page to move the focus to the page.

Is there any reason this is the case?

OS Version: Mac 10.13


Hi juil!

Thanks for reporting. It looks like this is still an issue for some people, but it has been logged and is being addressed. You can go here to see the submitted issue, along with updates surrounding it.

I would like to try one thing while you’re here. Its not ideal but have you tried changing the tab settings so that the browsers switches to the newly open tab immediately? If not, try it out and see if the focus still goes to the URL bar.
To find this setting:

  • Open Brave
  • Choose settings from the more options menu in the top right (or enter about:brave into the URL bar
  • Navigate to the “Tabs” menu
  • Toggle the switch for Switch to to tabs immediately to “on”
  • Try opening a new tab using the same method you did before (seems like a ctrl+click if I’m not mistaken)

Let us know what happens! I hope this helps!

Brave Team [Matt]


Thanks @Mattches.

Perhaps you meant about:preferences?

The tab setting you mentioned fixes the problem, but it breaks the way I use the internet in a major way.
Maybe it’ll fix my multi-tasking habit though. :joy:


@juil, as an extreme internet multi-tasker myself, I feel your pain! :slight_smile:

This issue and many more will be alleviated with new releases or, at the very least, when we switch over to the full Chromium build later this year.

Until then I hope our temporariy solution is working out okay for you.

Thank you for supporting Brave :slight_smile:


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