Flipboard cards from topic i follow contents in the place of "brave stories"?

i follow few topics on flipboard, how about showing them in the place of brave stories ? (When i scroll down on new tab page)

2 years passed, Still not possible to integrate? , i enjoy flipboard so please make a partnership or offer snippets like flipboard where the first few words of a article can be seen…

allow me to customize grid, nice black layouts…etc

see there is so much gap in left and right on bigger displays that is why i lost interest in scrolling… i think brave team only perform tests on laptop, please also connect your laptop to tv via hdmi and optimize these features accordingly for bigger displays

please fix this and as soon as i start scrolling instead of showing this brave background behind add a pure black image as to your secret brave backgrounds folder so once i start scrolling, brave automatically switches to black background and now it will feel like black theme is activated on new tab page… you might feel like you lose ad impression viewership interest on new tab page but dont forget that you can add advertisement on brave stories aswell… please update news ui as much as you can before jan 10, 2023