Flip It for Flipboard no longer works

First, just let me say I really like Brave and it has been my default browser for the last few months. Here is my issue: I use the Flip It extension for transfer articles on the Web to my 3 Flipboard magazines. I use it several times a day. For the longest time, it has worked perfectly. Then, quite recently, it stopped working. The window opens up as it should, but remains blank. As I use it so often, I have had to revert to Firefox as my default browser. This problem occurs on both my Windows and MAC computers. I hope it can be fixed.

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I have the same issue. Flipboard was working.

I figured out how to make it work again. Open the little Window as your normally would to send the link to Flipboard. Then go to the top right corner of the window and click on the Brave emblem. Then turn the shield off using the slider and you are good to go. You only have to do this once. Worked like a charm.

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