Flicker at the end of opacity transition in Brave iOS

Description of the issue:
I have an image slider animated on opacity with and changing z-index of images so that the total opacity of images is never below 1 (thus not letting the background show through). The animation is bound to transitionend event and it seems to flicker at the end of animation, only on iOS Brave. The issue is not present in iOS Safari or iOS Chrome, nor Chrome, Brave, or Firefox on Windows.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. visit codepen https://codepen.io/hyvyys/pen/JjOeyry
  2. wait for slides to change or tap on image to change them

Expected result:

smooth transition

Brave Version:

1.35.1 (

Mobile Device details

iPhone 12 Pro

Does it work for you with Brave shields disabled or fingerprinting disabled?

Brave Shields and Fingerprinting have no effect on this. I might add though that the codepen looked fine at first when I opened it, but the issue came back after I switched tabs back and forth.

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