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Flattr is a way to give reward to content creators via micro donations; with their newest iteration it does this automatically while you are surfing the web by analyzing the pages you view privacy-friendly. More information:


I am aware that this is similar to Brave Payments, but maybe it is nice to give Brave users this additional (or alternative) option. Flattr has one advantage as far as I understand it: it gives reward directly to the content creator and not the owner of the domain.


In the first attempt I hadn’t found the link to the extension, but now I did. Here it is:


It is kind of, little bit, totally alternative to brave’s main idea of payments.

But I will here admit that it works well, not only in Chrome but also with Firefox.
It might be a little less privacy focused - it has no cryptocurrencies options, but it is convenient and account may be used with various browser instances.

Worth giving a try, indeed.

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