Flash won't work on my kid's AQWorlds game site



My son’s favorite online game is AQWorlds. I just downloaded Brave, installed Flash (and Adobe verifies that it is installed: “You have version 24,0,0,194 installed”), restarted the browser, but the AQWorlds website keeps asking me to install Flash. I clicked on the link and it takes me to the Adobe site, which tells me that Flash is installed

The website is:

I’ve noticed that some (but not all) of the videos on the BBC news site also complain about Flash not being installed.

(I don’t care about the Beckhams–it is just an example I found).

Note that I tried turning the shield off and that didn’t help.

Also note that with Chrome, I have ‘Block sites from running Flash’ checked, and with this site I get a ‘Right click to run Adobe Flash Player’ screen, which I click, and then the site runs correctly. I assume I’m supposed to get something like this with Brave.


Hi @t_newt. There is an issue logged for this. I have updated the issue with the comment. You can track the issue here

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