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We tried installing Flash Player, on 3 different computers. It does not work. We went to Adobe.com, & searched for the Pepper Flash download. They do not list it.

We went to the help section, tried everything listed there. None of that worked.

Following the link, you provide; Adobe gives the following file, for download: flashplayer24pp_xa_install.exe. This file will not work.


Hi, would you please check this FAQ?




whwy you guys don’t have extension to help your customer make their work more easier?


Nothing is working in this browser because you have to extension helpful just a little fast surfing i see.


The extension support is on the way



Like others are saying, I’ve tried all you suggest. Flash still does not work except in the test site you provide.

I wish the best to the Brave browser initiative and its team. I like the idea, and like many, growing increasingly uncomfortable with intrusive tactics in the Google and Microsoft products and platform… So Brave’s objectives are important and I want to support it as much as I can.

Now, I would like to recommend Brave but this Flash issue is a big one. There are still too many sites that use it. Fading out or not, I cannot make Brave my default browser if I can’t use Flash video, at least for now.

So … I hope you will address this and let us know where you are going with this.


Will you tell me which URL you are forwarded when you click a link like “Download Flash player”?

The browser uses a special pattern of regex to detect that the download link has been clicked, so Flash cannot be triggered when the URL is what the existing pattern does not cover.


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