Flash player on Brave mobile browser

It would be really awesome if you implemented some kind of flash player on the mobile Brave browser. There is a lot of video games, online casino games, and tons of other multimedia content that is only really available through a flash player enabled device. There are a few mobile browsers you can download that have this option usually when you toggle into desktop mode, but honestly those browsers are slow, choppy, unreliable, and overall rarely anyones first choice for your go to web browser. Brave could do the flash player integration properly and efficiently adding a very convenient and lacking element to the mobile browsing experience. If done the right way it would open up a whole lot of content that as of right now is only really accessible on a desktop computer or laptop and I know that is a high enough demand for flash player utilization through mobile devices be it smartphones or tablet. There gap keeps getting smaller between mobile devices and desktop or laptop computers and this is one of the functions that still separates the two. Offering an option for another multimedia player in a seamless operating version of a flash player that if used saw no decrease in browser functionality and didnt drop your connection from the server would add a very enticing aspect to Brave that essentially no other mobile browser offers at least on a legitimate capacity. I do almost all my browsing through mobile devices and run into a issue with needing flash player on a mobile browser very frequently and would love to see that get added to Brave.

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Thank you for your feedback!
It’s worth noting that Adobe Flash will be depreciated entirely very soon. For this reason, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see any further implementation (mobile or desktop) or adjustments regarding Flash content, given that it will be reaching it’s end of life in the near future.