Flash Player not working on some sites

some flash locations give the following message??? I tried to reload but it would only install to 90% all firewalls turned off. also went ot lock by address bar and checked allow

Cannot Play Video

This video requires Flash. Verify Flash is not disabled or blocked, then [reload](javascript:window.location.reload():wink: the page.


Hi @jlhillhouse,
Would you mind sending me the website in which you received this error? Additionally, can I ask what OS your using?

Please see two screen shots below-----------

Can you ensure that you arenโ€™t blocking flash videos (you may have accidentally set this without realizing at some point)?

Go to
Settings --> Advanced --> Privacy and Security --> Content Settings --> Flash

Once there, check to see that the Block Sites from Using Flash toggle is set to โ€œoffโ€ and that there are no websites listed under the Block section.