Flash no longer working on Crunchyroll


Watching anime on Crunchyroll in Brave has always been a bit finicky, with it frequently (a few times a week, I’d guess) failing to load a video and giving the error

It seems that you have not allowed your browser to use Flash on the Crunchyroll website. Please review your browsers settings. If your browser does not come with Flash and you have not installed it yet, you can download it.
Get the latest Flash Player

when trying to watch a video. Until recently, I was able to work around the issue by following the “Get…” link, downloading and reinstalling Flash, then closing and reopening Brave, occasionally followed by right-clicking the Flash rectangle and left-clicking “Allow for 1 week”. For the past week or so, however, that hasn’t worked no matter how many times I try, and I always get the error message.

I have tried using more permissive settings, and even turning off Brave shields entirely, which hasn’t helped. Also, I do have Flash enabled in the Plugin Settings.

Example URL: http://www.crunchyroll.com/my-hero-academia/episode-1-izuku-midoriya-origin-730707

OS is Windows 7
Brave version 0.22.13


I am having the same issue.


I think this might be a more general issue, as I’ve noticed the same kind of problem with www.viz.com, and the behavior may have changed at the same time. Based on the Brave FAQ about Flash, Brave pretends to not have Flash installed, but supposedly if a web page displays a link to get Flash, Brave is supposed to detect when a user clicks that link and then stop pretending to not have Flash for that particular website. But, I think this detection has broken somehow, leading to an endless loop of installing flash, but never acknowledging the installation.


f you are having issues just download flash as a seperate entity. People have gotten used to it being packed into the browser but once upon a time you needed to download it seperately.

On a slightly different note I wonder just how much longer flash will be a thing? Pretty much every popular service is experimenting with HTML5 players and only offers flash as a back up if the HTML5 player isn’t working.

So once we get to the point that it’s got it’s bugs worked out all but the more minor sites will probably phase out Flash completely.

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