Flash is not still dead

strong textWhy could not we have a command to allow flash automatically?
Flash must live until 2020 and there are still sites working with this plugin



If you have installed Flash on your machine you can still click to play. The reason behind it being blocked by default is the number of security related issues that it brings.

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When you use the new version of CHROME, you are offered options “ask before launching flash” and so you will be offered to launch flash when you need it.
In the dev version of Brave, by default the cursor goes to “forbid sites to launch flash”, so we have to do several manipulations to launch this plug in.
Knowing that the base of 2 software is the same (chromium) why not just ask if we want to launch flash instead of prohibiting?

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I downloaded the beta version which is very good
Damage to this problem with flash, is there a manipulation for, at least we are asked if we want to allow flash for a site that we navigate. by default the plug in is blocked and I say it and repeat it even on the last version of chrome or opera, it is at least asked if we want to allow flash on this same site,
thank you and a good job has been done