Flash installed, not working (Mac AirBook OS 10.11.6)


On Mac Airbook w/ OS 10.11.6 Installed latest version Adobe Pepper and have “allowed” in plugins. Still does not seem to work, example–youtube video embedded on 3rd site.


Hi @GeoffreyLevens,

It may not because of Flash. Can you check Preferences > Security > Site isolation and see if you have this setting enabled. Have this setting enabled may cause an issue with embedded video.



Thanks, it was enabled but I disabled it, closed Brave and reopened and still does not seem to be working.


Thanks for confirming @GeoffreyLevens,
Can you share your Brave version from about:brave and an example site/s so I can test it?

Thank you,

Brave 0.23.39
rev 3ee14b0
Muon 7.1.6
OS Release 15.6.0
Update Channel Release
OS Architecture x64
OS Platform macOS
Node.js 7.9.0
Brave Sync v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent 67.0.3396.103


@GeoffreyLevens Under Preferences > Plugins Is Enable Adobe Flash support turned on?

Here is mine in the off position.


For some reason it was disabled on its own on my end. Try going to this site and see what info it tells you.


You should get a version that you are running or a message saying you don’t have flash.



You have version 30,0,0,134 installed

“Enable Google WideVine support” Well that 'splains at least part of it! I could swear that was not on the page before. I just "enabled it. Now though some embedded videos will play and some not. Politics aside this page good example

First video, which I think is an embed from Twitter, does not play. Down page, one embedded from youtube does play just fine. As you may have surmised I am not at all a tech person. Not quite a Luddite though some days…



Just checked and if I go to Twitter and find that video embeded in someone’s tweet, it plays fine


@GeoffreyLevens That is a different issue.

The Google WideVine has nothing to do with flash and can be disabled. Try going to www.tsn.ca do those videos play for you?


Yes, those work fine. So that means I’m ok with Flash and it is some other issue that won’t allow, I guess you could call, it “double embedded” videos to play?


@GeoffreyLevens Yes you are all good with Flash.

The other video issue is something completely different. Not to mention could be caused by an intentional design.


Before discovering Brave a couple days ago I was using Firefox and those types of “double embeds” were playing fine though they did take several minutes to load at times. No big deal though, I can always go find them on original site if I just “have to” watch which is seldom the case.

Thanks for all your help!!!


@GeoffreyLevens You’re welcome!


Thanks for jumping in @v0iD - I love seeing community members lend a hand to each other :smiley:

Update - removed my suggestion, I see @eljuno already beat me to it further up (strict site isolation) :slight_smile: But I will note, when I navigate to the article you posted and change my shield settings on that page from ‘Block Ads’ to ‘Allow Ads and Tracking’ I am able to play the video. Sometimes a slight shield adjustment on a per site basis, (when you tweak from the lion icon you are only adjusting this setting it for this site) will allow you to view videos/content. Plus, you can always change it back once you’re done viewing the video.



Thanks Lauren. That seems like too much “something” to me. Seems easier to just chase down the video closer to its source. Thanks again (hint hint I am so far from being a tech person that I am every tech person’s nightmare :wink: )


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