Flash as well as video not working


Before the recent update, I would be prompted to run flash. Now, even after following the instructions, it doesn’t seem to be working on some sites. For example, it worked on homestarrunner.com yet it will not work on hewillnotdivideus.com

Additionally, it won’t load any videos except on sites like youtube or vidme. For example, the videos on https://video.foxnews.com/v/5310178730001/?#sp=show-clips will not load but if the video embedded is a youtube vidme vid/link, it works fine.

I uninstalled and reinstalled.

I am on a mac v 10.11.5


Hi @catlady, have you tried looking in our Common Issues category? We have a topic dedicated toward Flash playback which may help you : Flash isn't working / Audio or Video is not working

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