Flagged subjectively / no reason at all

Hi there!
My acount has been flagged so I will never be allowed to have income from ADDS, and there is absolutely no reason why!!! No explanations given though!!
I am a single personn using this.
I browse a lot during the day, and that’s all…

Please USERS, don’t bow down to this scam!!!

BS all along!!!



Same has happened to me, found the insult that I’m not an ordinary person interesting. I’ve asked how I’m supposed to use the browser if its not to look at websites. Don’t think I’ll get an answer. Love to know what “Irregular activity” the browsers been doing without my knowledge.

I’ll wait to see if they reply, if not, use another browser.

P.S If 6 BAT in total from 2 browsers = Irregular activity I’m I earning to much compared to an ordinary person using Brave Ads


thanks!! I am not alone in this shitty situation!!

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Far from it, some of their oldest and most loyal users are affected by it. There’s posts all over the forum and the support ticket machine must surely be broke now! :joy:


Only put a ticket in cos I didn’t get a pay out to Uphold and I get this out of the blue.

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yes,a 2 year user I am!!! how ungratefull!!!

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Just checked my Creators account, that account is under review, seems they don’t what me either as a user or creator.

How dishonnest it is!!

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Not dishonest, but definitely not transparent.

Sad but true, unfortunately this project has a big issue of credibility, total wayste of energy, “you are flagged”, the best easiest anwser to solve all the issues. It could be at least something pedagogic and explain the reasons why this happening to a daily brave user that uses brave mainly to work. In resume, if im “flagged” it means that the majority of users are probably flagged also. Keep the good work guys! I´m expecting grate achievements from the project…
The flagged

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you’re not alone in this. I haven’t received the monthly payment, submitted a ticket and told me that they are “reviewing” it. Why now there are a lot of legitime users being flagged for no suspicious reason?

just saw that, they have probably saw the first post with this issue and called it a day. If they say they have a lot of tickets submitted, odds are that the majority of them will be the flagged accounts. I haven’t heard from them yet but reading the post of all the users it’s telling me that I’m in the same path of all of you. We can’t accept this. We haven’t done anything wrong and the system needs to be revised. I’ve been using brave for 3 years now. We’re legitimate users.

That’s not corruption my friend. I am one of the 3-10 who makes a lot of noise but I try to be fair and moderate my own criticism and avoid conspiracy theories (beyond suspecting the algorithm has changed and unintentionally caught up some innocent users). I can also tell that way more than 10 tickets have been submitted on this issue, but its still a tiny proportion of Brave users when you look at the big picture.

You are right, and your fairness and moderation is mostly welcome even more if it make things go forward, Brave has an issue with credibility and its here that brings all the “mabo jambo” to discussion. I also have raised a ticket, the famous tickets and all i have is an automatic reply to inform that im flagged, no why, when or who?
Did you sort anything out after 10 tickets?


Sorry if I caused confusion there. I didn’t submit 10 tickets, I am saying that easily more than 10 Brave users have submitted tickets this month.


I just discovered I’ve been flagged too, but only on my user, not my creator. Only have brave installed on my phone, desktop, and work computer, can hardly see why I’d be flagged. Just realized it today after I discovered I didn’t get my payout for the last month and couldn’t link my uphold account.

How does one submit a ticket? I’ve never had a problem like this before and would frankly like answers.

Rewards Support Ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431

Keep in mind been a lot of tickets this month and it’s also currently the weekend. With the two combined, I’d say keep in mind likely will be a minimum of 3-5 business days (if not longer) before you get a response. If it happens before then, would be awesome. But in terms of expectations, expect it to take longer.

apparently we are the last furnace of flagged(s) that came out of the oven, :hot_face:

OK, and how about a ticket to the ticket?? :sweat_smile:

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