Flagged. Haven't been able to verify in a year


SO I submitted a request to get my wallets unlinked because I haven’t been able to verify in ages and even after I chatted with Stevenn who said moving to a new computer " is all good" it’s not all good

so after I receive a reply that I am unlinked, I still can’t verify because … ‘flags’ ???

and your “instructions”

of don’t do anything, because it’s totally all going to just work out - is well to put it mildly

fix my rewards, yo!

feel free (missing word) try again every so often to see if it magically works!!

how about, YOU feel free to fix my rewards?

gl buddy. been barking up that tree for a month and no-one at brave cares.

save your breath, turn ads off and forget about it.

thank you – giving up sucks

i made a post on the back of this one. feel free to have a read :slight_smile:

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