Flagged acount for Gemini

a month or 2 ago my work laptop had its Brave account flagged and has stayed flagged. My 2 home PCs and phone have no issue connecting to gemini only my work laptop. Isn’t the device limit 4 or 5?

no VPN, received payout before and still do on my other devices, wallet was verified before

Device limit is currently 15 per custodian, they will never tell you exact reason why the wallet is flagged.

Personally I can’t guarantee it but really make sense.

I will just add that instead of only being unable to verify as before, all of your once verified devices will be probably flagged if you reach the limit. :sweat_smile:

Haha brave is tricking it’s users the removal of device limits means that most brave users will probably create multiple profiles to link and of course it will trigger the flagging system of course they’ll use this crap to have a reason to ban an entire country from linking a custodial wallet just like they did with India Philippines and Vietnam

@CryptoDave1 Welcome to the community. You should submit a request to have your laptop unflagged using the form linked below. Make sure you provide all the information requested and as much detail as possible or your request may be closed without notice. Take care.

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