Flagged account Resolution Request

My Uphold account is verified - KYC’d and AML’d and no flags. Yet Brave has flagged my rewards. It has been about a year of this now, with no updates. How can I get this flag removed??? Thanks. James

"Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards profile has been flagged, and you’re not able to verify with a custodian at this time. This flag can sometimes be due to irregular Brave Ads activity, though it can also be a false positive.

Note that while your Brave Rewards profile is flagged, you won’t be able to verify.

No action is required on your part. Your Brave Rewards profile will be automatically reevaluated on a regular basis to determine when (or if) the flag can be removed. Please try again every so often to see if the flag has been removed.

Learn more about Brave’s process for flagging Rewards profiles."

You will have to try and reach out to them via submitting a ticket . https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
They generally get back fairly quickly like within a few days, however, it is the weekend now so it might be a bit longer. Be advised my guess is if it has been this long the flag is probably not goin to be reversed.

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Hey. yes, as @HighPriestess42 already mentioned, you should raise a ticket.
I will just do you a favor of one step ahead.

Raising a ticket basically will be an appeal to Brave to reinstate your account and will be at Brave’s discretion to decide whether to reinstate your account or not.

im surprised that you are still not banned in here


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