Flag removal or appeal

Why has my account been flagged and why can’t I appeal and get this fixed ?

Go read PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

I have a section about flagged accounts there.

Hey, same problem since today @ my account…

Yep I read it, was just curious as to why I just have to wait, I’ve been waiting for over a year ? And nothing has happened ? Seems like a poor system if it’s just flagging randomly with no explanation sent to the end user as to why, or no appeal process ?

Guessing you didn’t read it. Because it doesn’t say to wait. Guide I linked you to says how to contact and “appeal.” Usually I copy/paste and all, but get tired of repeating sometimes. Also interesting how many people claim to read things but never actually do.

(Guessing I didn’t read it?) I did…and the part that said you are not likely to get a response i did click on the link anyway but it’s all a little complicated. I’m not going to spend time filling out a ticket if it’s going to get ignored or there is no guarantee of a response But thanks for your response and rude message.

The dialog box that flashes up on the screen when it tells you your account has been flagged and informs the end user to wait, that’s what I was referring to.
Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. .

It didn’t actually say those words, but at least it was a reminder that I failed to change that when I edited last. The words that were there said you’re not guaranteed a response…it didn’t say you’re not likely to get one. There’s a HUGE difference.

As to why it said that…In the past they had you DM them rather than submit a ticket. They also only had 2 people working here on Brave Community. So between that, there was no guarantee of a response to DMs. Overall they have stopped asking people to send DMs now and just do the ticket. Support tickets are actually the ONLY way you’re guaranteed a response…though it’s not always the answers people like.

It’s not rude at all. Seriously, let’s look. I linked you to something that tells you how to submit a support ticket. You then respond with:

  1. Yep I read it, was just curious as to why I just have to wait, I’ve been waiting for over a year ?

  2. or no appeal process ?

If mine showed how to “appeal” by submitting a support ticket and it says may get resolved, then your two claims there would be incorrect. It also was pieced together to reference what you had read. When it says something other than was in the text, then it means a person likely didn’t read it or they have very poor reading comprehension. It seemed more logical to say you didn’t read it and was still jumping to the initial motivation of your original post, thinking you can’t do anything.

In terms of the dialog box: This is something that has been addressed and they are going to be changing down the road. Obviously right now there are more important things going on, such as restoring support to regions around the world.

In terms of not clear enough: The context didn’t point that way, so I guess not. At the very least it seems like between it all, you’ve got your answers now.

ta… yeah I was only paraphrasing, the part I took as rude was the … ( you didn’t read it… ) which I did read it. ( you’re not guaranteed a response ) and ( you’re not likely to get one ) mean the same thing to me! I’m dyslexic and I find writing things that make sense and communicating difficult. so I avoid it. It makes things like this a challenge, I just think it’s kind of rude to assume I didn’t read it. when i did, but maybe i didn’t interpret that as you may have intended… whtevere my brave account has not worked for a year so was just curious as to why that was. that is all…

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