Fix for Large Roll-Over Balances is Live in v1.40.105

Please continue to use your browser as the BAT that was carried over is gradually being redeemed and as long as you leave the browser running for a day or two then all should be good. You can send me your logs in a couple days so I can check again. Thanks



do we need to perform any interaction on the browser during this period, like open any page, or simply leave it running will do?

@g00z you do not need to perform any actions. Thanks

Yeah, I just noticed that the 14 BAT that hadn’t received over the past few months disappeared. August only shows me getting 1.4 BAT now. I really am disappointed and frustrated with the whole rewards situation.

@Virilus Can you try this to submit your logs and get a case number-

And then submit the case number by raising a ticket here-