Fix for Large Roll-Over Balances is Live in v1.40.105

The ongoing issue since v1.35 has finally been resolved in latest release v1.40.105 and above (Beta & Nightly). Make sure you update to lastest version currently available for destop. And from Play Store for Android as and when available.

Closed Issue:

Browser will automatically retry to get credits for all of the rolled over Ads and they will get reconciled too. However, you can still expect some small roll-over balances but nothing compared to what we’ve been seeing recently.

Get this update at your earliest.


This fix solves the problem of roll-over balances by assigning 0 BAT to those old rolled-over Ads. Meaning those Ads will get processed and reconciled but at Zero value.

So next month users will see their rolled over balance to be reduced but this deducted rolled over balance will not be part the payout. (Also some of the old Ads have still been left as is- unprocessed)

There will again be backlash from users next month which is reasonable. Brave must have been aware but there has been no heads up or a clarification for this. I’m disappointed. @Mattches


Unfortunately they have always been quite bad at giving good info to users about how Brave systems work.

Instead of the un-necessary Shields revamp, they should have revamped the Ads history UI.

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Basically they fix the issue deleting our rolled balance! Meanwhile nightly version is not giving ads anymore from 3 days (windows and android) :+1:


And since account statement/balances are calculated locally, the banner “X BAT will arrive in Y days” that appears at the beginning of the month might still show most of the rolled-over balance as a payout to arrive but actual payout (from the server-side) will be a lot lower.

So we will know it only after the actual payout.

If the majority of people’s rolled over bat doesn’t get reconciled but instead gets zeroed out, that is going to PO a LOT of people. Since the roll over problem has been going on for months now, that’s quite a lot of bat for some people.

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Are you sure about balance rolled over behaviour? Didn’t find anything talks of ads reconciled at zero value.

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There is a possibility, I could be wrong. I will update.

So what you’re saying is, there’s a chance that on July 1st, my Roll over balance of 18+ BAT will be erased. But it will be fixed and not roll over again?

You balance will not be erased. The Ads that will get reconciled/cashed-out this month will be deducted from your Current earnings this month (estimated) and will be shown in a new banner X BAT will arrive in Y days when next month begins.

Whether roll-over balances get fixed and pay-out, will be known later. Brave is currently investigating for now.

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I didn’t mean the balance erased. I thought you meant the “estimated earnings” that had been rolled over were going to be “zeroed” out. The whole point of this thread was that it was “Fixed in v1.40.105” So did they fix it or are they still investigating?

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This fix is supposed to help in solving the issue of roll-over balances, but it’s currently being investigated.

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It should be already fixed, but we’ll see the 1st if it really is.

After many months, I saw No failed confirmations in Android Beta yesterday. Meaning all Ads were processed and all except 5 got reconciled/cashed-out this month too and remaining 5 will be reconciled next month. :slightly_smiling_face:

But, of these, about 300 Ads have been reconciled at 0 BAT and I don’t know whether they will pay-out. Similar would the case for desktop browser that I updated early.

In Android release version, in which this update came later, I see all the Ads that are getting processed are now being assigned correct value of BAT. Except about 50 that are stuck and are not processing at all (most likely these will be rolled-over as we are near end of the month). And all of these processed ones will be reconciled this month.

All of this is for my browsers, there would be variations for different users especially region-wise but broad picture would be similar.

In a nutshell, this update has been very thorough and solves the problem of rolled-over ads appreciably although doesn’t eliminate it (balances would still get rolled-over, more than normal, for some users). If the Ads, that got 0 BAT assigned, pay-out, I will rate this update at 8.5/10. Otherwise it’s still 7.5/10. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the update.
I hope that it really fixes the main issue of those cases where “almost all” rewards rolled over and that people do not lose their accumulated rewards.

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How often do ads get reconciled and how many at a time? I’m just wondering how long it would take to reconcile all the roll over bat.

Browser randomly sets date/time to reconcile (cash-out) Ads. Generally in a day or two.

What is more important is that Ads get processed first. And it takes about a minute to process 3-4 Ads. But since system is not perfect, processing can get stuck and you would have to restart your browser for timely processing (it’s mostly a shot in the dark if you don’t know where to look).

Whatever Ads get processed will get reconciled as per the date/time set by the browser if you are not flagged. Since we are at the end of the month, good chances are most of the Ads will get processed this month itself but will reconcile next month for some users. So it can get reflected as roll-over balance.

Another important thing is to make sure your browser is up-to-date to the latest version.

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Just changing my rating to 9/10. :grin:

All ads in Brave release version have been processed too and will get reconciled this month itself. Looks like Browser is attempting to reconcile/cash-out them quickly. This could vary user to user though but is better in general.

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Same for me.

@Aman_M Are you also having the similar payout message ?

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