Fix for Large Roll-Over Balances is Live in v1.40.105

This fix is supposed to help in solving the issue of roll-over balances, but it’s currently being investigated.

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It should be already fixed, but we’ll see the 1st if it really is.

After many months, I saw No failed confirmations in Android Beta yesterday. Meaning all Ads were processed and all except 5 got reconciled/cashed-out this month too and remaining 5 will be reconciled next month. :slightly_smiling_face:

But, of these, about 300 Ads have been reconciled at 0 BAT and I don’t know whether they will pay-out. Similar would the case for desktop browser that I updated early.

In Android release version, in which this update came later, I see all the Ads that are getting processed are now being assigned correct value of BAT. Except about 50 that are stuck and are not processing at all (most likely these will be rolled-over as we are near end of the month). And all of these processed ones will be reconciled this month.

All of this is for my browsers, there would be variations for different users especially region-wise but broad picture would be similar.

In a nutshell, this update has been very thorough and solves the problem of rolled-over ads appreciably although doesn’t eliminate it (balances would still get rolled-over, more than normal, for some users). If the Ads, that got 0 BAT assigned, pay-out, I will rate this update at 8.5/10. Otherwise it’s still 7.5/10. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the update.
I hope that it really fixes the main issue of those cases where “almost all” rewards rolled over and that people do not lose their accumulated rewards.

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How often do ads get reconciled and how many at a time? I’m just wondering how long it would take to reconcile all the roll over bat.

Browser randomly sets date/time to reconcile (cash-out) Ads. Generally in a day or two.

What is more important is that Ads get processed first. And it takes about a minute to process 3-4 Ads. But since system is not perfect, processing can get stuck and you would have to restart your browser for timely processing (it’s mostly a shot in the dark if you don’t know where to look).

Whatever Ads get processed will get reconciled as per the date/time set by the browser if you are not flagged. Since we are at the end of the month, good chances are most of the Ads will get processed this month itself but will reconcile next month for some users. So it can get reflected as roll-over balance.

Another important thing is to make sure your browser is up-to-date to the latest version.

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Just changing my rating to 9/10. :grin:

All ads in Brave release version have been processed too and will get reconciled this month itself. Looks like Browser is attempting to reconcile/cash-out them quickly. This could vary user to user though but is better in general.

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Same for me.

@Aman_M Are you also having the similar payout message ?

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Mine is better though I should have emphasised that this would vary user to user especially region-wise.

Brave Release v1.40.106-

Nightly v1.42.43-

All had 2-4 BAT rolled-over last month.

I would suggest, send you logs to Terry Mancey if possible- Nightly version rewards issue - #50 by Saoiray. And add that this is for “large roll-over balance” and not Nightly Ads issue.

Out of almost 100 bat between 2 laptop for the 4th month in a row I’m getting 0.54 bat on 1 and the other I’m get 1.209 Bat and 94.197 is rolling over

Thanks… I sent the email, let’s see if anything happens or not.
But this is very very disappointing. I was getting 50% before, now after the “fix” the entire BAT is rolled over!

what is this this time its even worst then last month only .07BAT out of 15BAT


My bat has been rolling over for 4 month now

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@Mattches @steeven @Saoiray What is this? it’s been 3rd month in a row happening like this. even if i create a support ticket then their response will be late and in that time the whole month passed an again the same this month. if this month payout is not given full or at least 70% then there is no use of using brave as default browser. i have been using brave instead of chrome for every small work . If brave doesn’t fulfill what they say about rewarding bat token then its hard to trust on them especially with our privacy. I hope everybody notices this post and be aware of what brave are doing. If brave doesnt act as they said last month about reconciliation of all ads in next month payout then after the payout period i will and i ask everybody to go to playstore and app store and rate brave with negative. Thank You. I hope brave will fix the issue this soon. Thank You. :pray: :pray:

for me it showed 4 bat will be arriving it in 7 days and after 5min it showed 0.1 will be arriving.

That’s bad. Just wanted to confirm, @Deepak993635 @y2k @psbisht @f4firaz @Paresh are you guys on the latest version (v1.40.105/106 or above)? Did you updated last month?

And since, this update was pushed late last month, it’s possible that Ads didn’t get reconciled/cashed-out in time. And Ads could still be processing as some of you have large roll-over balance than me. But only support will be able to tell with certainty.

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Yes, I am on the latest version in both the browsers. I checked especially after reading this thread yesterday morning and verified that I am on the latest version.
Yeah, it is very disappointing, that the issue has only became more severe after the fix.
Kinda feel like it is waste to spend anytime on brave(for the bat) and better to switch back to firefox as the primary one.

And in my android stable brave, it is showing as payout of 0.01 and rolled over 7.5 BAT. I guess, will wait for any response from the brave team to see if there is any hope or not

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My brave browser is updated to latest version. I keep on checking for updates every now and then. So being on an old version cannot be the reason for me. I think brave is fooling us for sure . otherwise they would have fixed the issue. its been 3 months niw. And now you can see that they are bringing new updates where you wont get ntp ads etc etc. So brave is no longer like before.

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