Fix downloading html pages and jpgs; can't do this worth anything now?


Surprised that Brave can’t download a basic web page or jpgs? it doesn’t save it in html or as a jpg. just as a ‘file’, so it is a waste of time to download pages or images for archiving. plus when downloading a web page, it doesn’t prompt with the title of the page, just shows a bit of the URL for what you can name the file. rather annoying–though like the speed of the browser, though a lot of bugs! Best, mdw



Thanks for reporting @mdw.

It’s a known issue when user rename the file and remove the file extension (jpg, png, etc) and Brave not auto added the extension. If not changed this issue should be fixed in next release.

Temporary workaround is saving the file without rename it or rename without remove the extension.

For saving page I think it’s same like described here?


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