Fix a tiny but confusing translation error in the Swedish translation

In Brave Browser newest version today October 20th 2022, in the Swedish translation.

If you go to brave://rewards/ and hit “Hantera Brave Rewards” (In English it’d be something like “Manage Brave Rewards”).

There you see a popup with 3 choices: “Säkerhetskopiera” (Back up), “Återställ” (restore from seed phrase), “Återställ” (reset, remove all user data).

So the word “Återställ” is a valid translation for both “restore” and “reset”. But using the same words for both labels is going to confuse people who aren’t as l337 as yours truly.

I’d suggest using these words instead:

  • Restore from seed phrase: “Återställ” (literally “re set”)
  • Reset to factory settings: “Nollställ” (literally “zero set”)

“Noll” means zero, so it implies restore to the original state.

That’s my small improvement suggestion! Liking the Browser a lot so far - day 2 today as a user :). Keep it up