First time using brave: few things to fix


This is a great browser, but I’ve encountered few things to fix and make it work better!

  • In the preferences tab (precisely in General settings), if I chose to restore the last view on opening, I don’t obtain this behavior;
  • In the preferences tab (precisely in General settings), the italian version shows “Chiemi* sempre dove salvare i file” instead of “Chiedimi* sempre dove salvare i file”;
  • It should be great to have a special bookmark to restore a specific tab-set configuration, for example: it could be useful for me to have Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn ready to use, but if someone uses my PC and closes everything, with this special bookmark I don’t have to restore everything tab by tab… OR… I may desire to have a specific “personal” working-set when opening my browser, but then I need another tab-configuration for my job --> right now I solve this problem using different browsers, but Brave is so great that I’d like to use it for everything! ;p


A sort of multi-tab system would be really interesting to see implemented. I think brave needs more features like this that really draw people away from average browsers even if they don’t care for cryptocurrency.

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