First time after 7 months when i didnt receive all my bats...(0.25 bats instead of 6.5)

SO, I AM USING THE BROWSER FOR THE PHONE. I HAVE A VERIFIED ACCOUNT ON UPHOLD. FOR 7 MONTHS everything was fine and I RECEIVED IN EVERY MONTH BETWEEN 3 AND 8 BATS. This month i had to receive 6.5 bats, instead i received only 0.25 bats .I SAY IT AGAIN … ONLY 0.25 !!!why ? CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME?

Payouts are not finished processing yet.


But i received already 0.25 bats. So , this means that the payment is finished for me…But i want all my bats, not only 0.25…

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@florins Reward payouts may or may not be in the full amount and in only one transaction.

I would wait until the payout status is showing that reward payouts are fully processed and complete, then check to see if your amount if correct.

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OHH i didnt know that. THANKS BUDDY I WILL WAIT!

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How didn’t you know that being here for 7 months? :laughing:

It’s just funny how many people get angry about couple dollars they got for free.

@cryptonite123 OHH BABY… .WHY YOU SHOULD COMMENT WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW HOW IT WORKS:)))… YES I said 7 months, and i am here from April…


That’s even worse my friend. You have been here for so long and yet are surprised by something that has been happening for a long time. :thinking:

Anyway, enjoy =)
Hope you get your BAT

yes i am surprised bcs its first time for me)):)))

they sent me another 0.25 bats…(0.25+0.25)…

Turn off caps lock, please.
As you were told above, please wait for the payout process to complete before assuming you have not/will not receive all your funds. As you yourself said, you have always received all your Rewards up until this point – no reason to believe it won’t continue working as intended.

We appreciate your patience.


Have using it for almost two years and having never heard that one before, I call bullsh*t.
EDIT: lol people don’t even have the courage to report it publicly.

@Mattches hello bro. So, the payment is complete, but i still have not received my payment on my uphold account this is my wallet id 4eadb649-e05d-4fac-aceb-0c56e6904817

Don’t post your wallet ID in public. DM him.

i think he has to many DMs:)) maybe in this way he will see de message))

Just wanted to make sure you are aware that you are unnecessarily putting yourself at risk.

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