First impression, some feedback


I’m an old-school power user, so I’m gonna be quick and brutal, but I’m not trying to troll anybody, it’s just user feedback.

So, after trying the win32 version for 10 seconds…

  • The 100+mb download was already a bad sign of a bloated monster. Just my feeling here…
  • The installation doesn’t ask for anything. At least put a button to do an automatic installation or not.
  • I would like a native window and native mouse cursors, etc. Skins should be optional.
  • After the installation the browser starts automatically, which should be optional. Some people like me use a limited account to run internet stuff, so I want to start the browser under my conditions.
  • The browser opens full screen, which is not ok on a desktop (unless it’s some multimedia app, I guess…).
  • The checkboxes that act like little sliders are stupid, because they look the same whether they are “checked” or not. The discriminating color already tells that it’s a design mistake. I think that the iphone had them first, but that’s no reason to copy it.
  • I’ve not checked how much RAM the browser ate, but I hope it’s not insane like Chrome (which I don’t use).
  • The uninstallation doesn’t communicate anything!?

So it seems it’s not for me.
But I appreciate your effort and your work.
If you ever plan to target people like me, don’t do it like Microsoft, meaning, mixing power- and casual-user stuff together. Maybe provide 2 different installs for the same thing. One defaults to power users settings, while the other is free to behave like a Hollywood movie.


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