First impression, question, advcie

good initiative doing a good job handling compatibility and enabling privacy. that direction, i’m sure it’s the one to succeed for years to come.

anyway, could have been lot more option, private browsing at launch, like focus. dark mode. chosing not to have recent views on homepage. lack of customisations, defaults anoying options from chrome are still there.

go job at removing ads. going little bit farther coule give brave compatitive advanrages. actually no big enough for the billions common users to change from chrome.

anyway how did you get 20% faster page rendering. is it by removing the polluting ads, or code optimisation.
and how about updates ? because chrome forcing uodate is anoying. privacy icludes also not controlling my phone with uodates and collecting data of any sense (or at least deactivated by default)

bug in this page : i can select all text but vannot copy it.
phone is rooted miui with android 7, redmi 5pro.

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