First character is left in URL when using SwiftKey prediction


I am using Brave 1.3.1 on an ipad running IOS 10.2.1 and the SwiftKey 1.6.1. The SwiftKey keyboard has full access. After I type a few characters into the empty URL bar and then select a word suggested by SwiftKey the first letter remains in the URL.

For example if I type in “publi” into the empty URL bar, SwiftKey will suggest “public”. When l select the suggestion “ppublic” is put in the URL bar instead of “public”. I this only occurs for the first word in the URL.



Thanks for bringing this to us on community! A few followup questions for you: :grin:

How much do you use SwiftKey in general?
Have you seen similar behavior in any other applications, or just Brave?
Does it happen when typing in websites while using Brave, or only in the URL bar?


I use SwiftKey all the time. No I don’t see the issue in any other applications such as Safari or Mecury. It only happens when typing in the URL bar not in website fields.


Great, thanks. That is some great info. I have created a github ticket, where you can follow along with any new improvements:

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