First bookmark link in a toolbar folder is unresponsive


When I make a folder to group my browser bookmarks, I notice the top link (first in order) in the folder doesn’t work, e.g. when I try clicking on it nothing happens. The subsequent links below do work. This condition happens on both my Windows 7 and Windows 10 pcs. This doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does it can be a bit annoying

To be more specific, for example: 1) I create a “News” folder. 2) I add bookmarks for Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc., such that Fox is the first link. 3) I try clicking on it and it and nothing happens. 4) I then change the order and put CNN first and now the CNN link is unresponsive and the others work as expected.

No biggie here, I can work around it. I just bring it up for your information.


Hi @Stan,

It seem you issue related to this thread. Can you confirm if this a same issue?

If it’s the same issue, the issue is logged here and you can track the progress there.

At the moment, all I can recommend is make sure you have a tab under the folder you want to open or select the entry from the bottom edge of it.

Hope this can help for now, until the fix is there.

Thank you,

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Duplicate of Bookmark Bar problem in Brave 0.15.310