Firewall blocking Brave Rewards. Which ports do I need to open?

My firewall is blocking me from seeing ads, and connecting to my Uphold wallet. Which ports do I need to open?

How do you know it’s your firewall? Ports are not the problem. Are you running a VPN?

I just updated the firewall to be more restrictive on incoming and outgoing connections.

I am on a VPN, but I have been on a VPN for months now.

I did just update the VPN settings. That might have blocked the ads. Do I need to let Brave access the non-private DNS services?

Open your firewall and allow ads. If it doesn’t, disable your dang firewall and get a new one

Think it’s the DNS service I’m using. I’m using a privacy preserving DNS, and not getting ads. I think I need to enable the regular DNS just for the Brave ads. Do you know what process I’d be looking for or ip?

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