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Will Brave be ready to go, with many of the needed extensions, by the time Firefox releases its version 57 disabling many of our addons, so we have a browser to go to?


hi, which addons are yours, and why yours will be disabled on which ground? thanks!


Hi suguru, Firefox is changing its core, so they are moving to extensions. Many current addons are marked ‘legacy’, and there’s no telling if many of the addon coders will recode for the new extension configuration. There’s Stylish, AdBlock Plus, Tab Mix Plus, NoScript, Paste Email (Original), Screengrab, FoxClocks, Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar, Norton ID Safe to name a few. As far as we can tell, only Norton ID Safe is version 57+ compatible so far, not sure if the rest will make the move. Maybe they can just create for Brave. We’re trying Stylus to replace Stylish, but it doesn’t seem to want to take our dark theme for the new style Hootsuite UI and streams. We’ve been trying to make the permanent move to Brave, but the extensions don’t seem to be coming along yet. Thanks!


Hi Everyone,

After i check the firefox for the addons and i seen there was legacy on the addons i have been using. I was looking for a browser that have spyware, virus and popups that is integrated with those in the browser. I saw brave browser I guest ill try it and thats what am looking for. Ever since i use brave browser i never going back to firefox legacy browser again.

If people check there firefox addons for legacy on them, people are looking for a new browser. i tell people on my twitch tv channel to change browsers from what there using to brave browser.


RIP = Firefox, Phoenix Risen from the Ashes = Brave browser


We’re actively working on support for extensions by adding more APIs with each major release. As we reduce the API-gap, popular extensions will be able to more easily make the leap to Brave. In fact, our goal is to require no additional coding on the author’s part (provided the extension worked in Chrome).

Which extensions are you most excited to see appear in Brave? Perhaps I can help push some along, or share the updates for those already in motion.


First, thank you very much!

Certainly Norton’s ID Safe, Stylish, Paste Email (Original), Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar would help too, well, Tab Mix Plus is really helpful too. Brave does need a clock like FoxClocks, many like that one in FF. We use Screengrab a lot, but Snipping Tool works fine too, in the meantime.

Again, thank you very much!


We do really like how NoScript works also. If there’s a way, and maybe Brave is already working on this, to allow the user to choose individual scripts on each page to run or not, that would really be helpful, but NoScript is a very useful tool if that could be brought over too.


Hi @TheWayOfYahweh,

I think you can do it by clicking S with Red Circle in URL bar. :slight_smile:



I’m most interested in seeing Blur for one. I like the idea of a proxy email when making new accounts and want to keep the option open here. Please get the plugin running on Brave. By the way, Why can’t I copy and paste when in Facebook with Brave?



Thank you for your reply. For some reason, we’re not seeing this. Is there a setting we’re missing which turns this on?


Found it, block all scripts. Thank you!

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