Firefox extensions and functions I miss



I have just switched over to Brave and there are a few Firefox functions and extension I miss. I don’t know whether these would slow Brave down or not.

Function: search text immediately by typing


  1. TabMix Plus
  2. Session Manager
  3. Tile View
  4. Blur
  5. FireShot
  6. PrintEdit


@camposino There is a section in the Brave Github that lists ~700 Chrome add-ons. Some have been incorporated into Brave, others will be.

There is also a section on the Brave home page Blog, that shows what you have to do to convert a Chrome add-on to work with Brave.

I expect that some add-ons require a lot more work than others to convert.

If people who knew how, started converting add-ons, & teaching others of us who are interested in learning how to do it, then there would be a lot more add-ons available for Brave. :wink:


Handy! Is that you? haha


@fatboy You know it! :wink:


Haha! Epic! Very glad to see you here!
We need more Linux users on here.