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Can’t have Brave as my “go to” browser until I can import my Firefox bookmarks and passwords. Brave just hangs and then eventually not responding. No data imports. FWIW, not sure if Firefox “profiles” is the issue as I don’t use the default “profile”, rather, I use a different profile as my default and need to import this alternate profile data. Would be great if Brave would give us a Firefox “profile” import option. I prefer NOT to copy the profile to default or export all my bookmarks and passwords to html. Any assistance is appreciated.


Unfortunately, I’m glad to see someone else reporting this. I’m, also, not able to import data from Safari or Firefox. Brave shows that the import was successful, but absolutely nothing shows up. It won’t import any data or bookmarks. I also cannot make it my default browser until it will import data. It won’t even save a bookmark. Forget importing…it cannot simply save a bookmark of the page you’re on. Although Bookmarks Toolbar is checked, there is no toolbar. This is a very buggy portion of Brave…hope they fix it soon.


I’m a newbie to Brave and it took me a while to figure out that my bookmarks actually are there and how to set them back on the toolbar like I had it in FF. When I tried to access them from the “Imported from Firefox” folder on the toolbar, the “imported” folder on the toolbar never did open. When I opened Bookmarks… under the Bookmarks menu, that opened the Bookmark Manager. From there I could see all of my folders I had on the toolbar in Firefox on the sidebar underneath the Bookmarks Toolbar hierarchy. All I had to do was drag each folder that was underneath the Imported folder on the sidebar into the Bookmarks Toolbar above it also on the sidebar. Then they (slowly) show up on the toolbar. I still haven’t found an easy way to reposition the folders once added to the toolbar yet. Also they come in as ugly little folder icons, but I can live with that since the names are still there.

Hope this helps. Drove me crazy and I was almost ready to give up on it, but it’s such a killer browser I couldn’t stop noodling. I’m on Mac Sierra. Saved Passwords are all active like they were in Firefox as well.


I don’t see an “imported from Firefox” folder. I don’t even see a bookmarks toolbar. I have tried to open the bookmarks from the Bookmarks pull down menu, and still I only see a “bookmarks toolbar” folder and an “other bookmarks” folder. Neither have anything in them. Not sure it it’s related to Yosemite 10.10.5, but it’s still a significant problem, which prevents me from using Brave as my default browser. I’m not even able to save a bookmark of any page I visit. Thought I could begin anew, but that’s out too.


Here’s the steps I took: I quit Firefox. Went to the Brave menu and chose Import Browser Data… The options came up with Safari selected. I changed it to Firefox and imported it with all 4 of the options turned on (orange). It took a while, I didn’t see anything either. I expected it to populate my toolbar which was just a blank gray area above the tabs with my import, but nada. Then after bumbling around a bit I went to the Bookmarks menu and chose Bookmarks… That opened up the Bookmarks Manager (why don’t they call it Bookmark Manager? I don’t know - they should). From there I could see Bookmarks Toolbar on the left sidebar with Bookmarks Folder as the top Folder with Imported from Firefox folder underneath. I tried all the obvious ways to add it to the toolbar - right-clicking (no), dragging (apparently not), selecting it and clicking on all the starry icons, and none of that worked. Then, after awhile, it was there on the top toolbar also - just the folder, and I couldn’t access any of the contents. It was the drag and drop method, but the refresh is terribly slow - I mean several seconds before changes appear. So, I still had nothing but an empty folder that said it was my Imported Firefox folder. When I clicked on it on the sidebar, the contents and folders where there. Maybe it was taking forever because I have a ton of bookmarks and passwords? Not sure. So I finally figured out I could drag folders out of the ff imported folder on the sidebar and add them to the Bookmarks Toolbar folder directly above it - also on the sidebar. Then they started showing up on the top toolbar (see below). So for instance, I drag my “Shopping” folder on the left sidebar up to Bookmarks Toolbar folder directly above it and release. Then it shows up on the toolbar. In my screenshot, the Imported from Firefox is selected and on the right are just the bookmarks that were never properly stored in a folder or on the toolbar.

BTW, I did find that I could move them eventually to reposition if I click and hold long enough for a redraw, but sometimes the folders wouldn’t go where I wanted them to. You have to wait until you see a green + sign next to the folder you’re moving before you let go. Takes forever and may take several tries.

Maybe somebody who has experience with Yosemite will comment. I’m using
Version 0.19.53
rev e09025b
Muon 4.4.29
libchromiumcontent 61.0.3163.100
V8 6.1.534.41
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel Release
OS Platform macOS
OS Release 16.7.0
OS Architecture x64


Unfortunately, I don’t even get a bookmarks toolbar. I’m attaching a screenshot of having bookmarks toolbar. There’s only a slight difference in the window space under the address bar when I uncheck the option

. It’s like the toolbar isn’t activating properly. After I import from FF, I get the successful text, and nothing else changes. No FF bookmarks folder ever appears.


Sorry Topo - wish I could help. Maybe someone with more experience will answer.
Best of luck!

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