Firefox bookmarks not importing

Have tried several times, get spinning ball forever, then Brave crashes. On reboot, some bookmarks there, but also looks like some Safari bookmarks imported too. In all, can’t really use browser, because I can’t get my bookmarks in. The Safari bookmarks are of no use too because I have not used Safari actively in years, so the bookmarks are not reflective of what I have been working on the last few years in Firefox. Moreover, how do I get rid of all these half-imported bookmarks and get a fresh start?

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I’m having the same problem. Using Windows. I’ve tried repeatedly to use the function to import my Mozilla Firefox bookmarks. Nothing is ever imported. Instead, Brave freezes (with the eternally spinning circle) each time. Please help. Thank you.

try again!
Click the Bookmarks button and select Show All Bookmarks to open the Library window. From the toolbar on the Library window, click Import and Backup and choose Import Bookmarks from HTML… In the Import Bookmarks File window that opens, navigate to the bookmarks HTML file you are importing and select the file.

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