protection: "People" profiles on desktop, and iOS support?


I’m checking out the website to see if different windows/profiles get the same fingerprint or not.

When opening a new private window on my desktop, it does get a different fingerprint than the non-private window. That’s awesome!

Two questions though:

  1. People Profiles
    But switching between different “People Profiles” does not make a difference. They all get the same fingerprint. Defeating the purpose of compartmentalization using different profiles. Is there way to fix this, or a plan to implement fingerprint protection for different “People” profiles?

  2. iOS
    On iOS the fingerprint protection doesn’t seem to work at all. Rebooting the device, killing Brave & restarting, using private windows vs non-private windows, they all get the same fingerprint.

I get that iOS limits web browser implementations. But that being said my different browser apps on iOS (safari, firefox, brave, …) all have different fingerprints, so there must be something a browser app can do to influence the fingerprint. Is there a plan to add more sophisticated fingerprint detection on iOS as well?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


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