Fingerprinting protection seems not to work



I visited test pages mentioned in to test fingerprinting. Fingerprinting protection was enabled while taking the test. However the test pages did indeed showed an unique fingerprint. It is my understanding that this should not have happened.

I’m using Brave on Android 5.


I just found So apparently fingerprinting protection in Android does not work.


Hi @Brave_user, we have WebGL and Canvas protection on Android currently. We are going to make an audio protection support very soon. gives correct results. Thanks.


Thanks @Serg.

My understanding was that should show zeros or nothing at all. However when I run it it’ll show me an unique looking fingerprint.

Did I miss something.

Brave browser failed in Fingerprinting test

Hi @Brave_user, the test will probably report that your browser is unique, but this happens a lot for all browsers and is not necessarily indicative of fingerprinting in the wild since it is limited by Panopticlick’s sample size.

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