Fingerprint doesn't change without closing down browser

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Description of the issue:

So, I’m new to using this browser and have really dug around the internet to find out how I’m being tracked over the internet. That made me test my different browsers, on different “fingerprinting” test sites. As you have and

As expected with Chrome I got the same fingerprints, even after closing down the browser and deleting all browser history. But unfortunately, the same thing happend with the Brave browser, unless I closed down the browser and removed it from the ‘app cache history’ in Android. The feature you can use in Android where you can switch swiftly between last used apps. You can clear that cache and free up memory.

Only when i do THAT the fingerprint changes. I was under the impression closing all tabs in the browser (after wich the browser closes too and deletes all browser data, per my setting) was enough to randomize the fingerprint. But closing down all tabs, after wich the browser closes too, I remain to have the same fingerprint. While the tab I HAD open did get cleared.

Oddly, when I close down the browser, from phone memory, without closing all tabs, it DOES change fingerprint. Now, when I do THAT, the browser did remember the last tab I had open, and loaded the page, on it’s own. But now it did have a different fingerprint.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. go to
  2. close all tabs and let the browser close to background
  3. re-open browser and reload page. Fingerprint not changed.

Expected result:

I expect when I close all tabs, after wich the browser closes (but remains in phone cache/memory), on reloading it would change fingerprint.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.52.122, Chromium 114.0.5735.110

Mobile Device details

Xiaomi T12 pro
Android 13; Build: TKQ1.220829.002

Additional Information:

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