Finding one's passwords

I’m trying to find passwords on this browser

on mobile, open new tab, then tap at corner on control slider three dots = settings = passwords.

at pc open settings and scroll to the endinto advanced , find there autofills category. here u will find addresses, logins, passwords , etc

In Windows, Open Brave settings by clicking in top right corner, click settings, click search icon, type ‘passwords’. In results click on ‘Passwords’.

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thanks but, boy, I’ve tried doing that and not able to. Is it because you’re a “premium” user and I’m not?
Otherwise, if you could do a screenshot to point to where you’re talking about, that’d be great

This is the easiest way to find passwords if you ask me! :slight_smile:

You can paste ’ brave://settings/passwords?search=passwords ’ in the URL or follow as in the image.

thank you so very much. Of course, it worked.
I was hoping to find my daughter’s password for her GMAIL account but I guess she never logged on with my computer and thus I couldn’t find it.

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