Finding it difficult to appreciate Brave-Core

I think the back-end stuff which many and myself included won’t fully appreciate as much as the engineers in Brave would, Brave-Core is quite excellent.

However, I apologise beforehand for saying this as I think others would also share the same view and I thought I’d just narrow the conversation slightly - I think a significant number of users would highly appreciate if now Brave took a Vivaldi like approach and put some of the back-end stuff on the back burner - briefly, to focus more on UI-UX.

I’m sorry to say but what I meant by ‘difficulty’ in the heading is that I can’t appreciate and utilise Brave-Core more effectively and I know it’s so rude for me to say this as I’ve used it for more than a couple of years now and it always feels too much the same despite the fact many other things were automatically fixed in the Brave-Core transition and ‘Bookmarks’ was and still is bothersome, Brave-Muon was so MINT.

I remember quite distinctly that the Brave team once in the Muon version a couple of months before it was deprecated decided to rapidly implement a fully integrated Ether wallet but then scraped it just as rapidly My point being, is there any chance we could see a similar approach be taken by working on a series of huge improvements in a dozen or so updates in this quarter for the Release version?

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