Finding account info for Gemini widget

Operating System: Windows 11
Brave Version. V1.33.106

- i. I downloaded and installed Brave months ago
- ii. At some point I must have linked it with a Gemini account
- iii. My assets have been raising in Gemini
- iv. I want to withdraw but the only Gemini account I have is showing different assets when I log in to Gemini
- v. I do not see any indication of associated email or login info. How do I figure out more about my account. 

Please let me know what I can do to find any information on the associated Gemini so I can validate with my email and claim my assets.

This exact same thing happened to me! I have no idea what account I linked to Brave. I thought I only had one Gemini account, but based on the amounts and coins available in the Gemini widget on the Brave new tab page I am very certain these are my coins. I am able to buy and sell coins from within the widget, but I am not able to withdraw to hardware wallet or bank account. And I have no idea how to log in to this Gemini account, because the only Gemini account I am aware of that I have is NOT this account as it contains different assets in different amounts.

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