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1.Browser version

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Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information: Can’t recall where it’s hidden. IMHO it should appear in “Customize and control Brave”.

Hi. There are a couple of places you can easily check browser version.

  1. brave://settings/help
  2. brave://version

You can also check the current version for your platform at

Hope this helps. Take care.

Agin, wish admins would put in “Customize and control Brave”.
But, geeks don’t think like me.

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It’s not hidden at all. Just have to open your settings.

Otherwise you click on the hamburger menu image and choose About Brave which would tell you.


Those are the very easy and in your face ways of knowing which version of Brave you’re using. But then you can go to brave://version if you know of it, but that’s not a more commonly known one.

You actually lost me on this one. Where are you looking for that?


If you mean how to check if there’s any updates, you go to About Brave if you’re on desktop and it checks there. You can also see the latest versions and compare to what you have. You can look to see what the latest official version released is at in the link provided by Chocoholic or you can check via the Changelog which will show the latest version along with a description of changes made at and it will tell you what the current version is and will also have a full history of changes from prior versions.

“Customize and control Brave” is the drop down that drops down when I hover cursor over what you called the hamburger menu image.
I LOVE Brave but IMHO the browser version should appear at the top of that menu.
Agin, thanx!

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Ah, nice. Ok. Never realized that particular text showed up there when you hover over. Thanks for that. We all always have things to learn. And sometimes it’s the things “right in front of us” that we tend to miss.

I think this is a good idea. Not sure what it would take to change though. Looks like the menu options are fixed menu choices. I would think displaying the current version would be more dynamic. Haven’t a clue about programming so no idea what would be involved in making this change…

Might want to go add this one as a feature request though. I would vote for it! lol If you do create a feature request, please post a link in this topic.

Take care. :slight_smile:

Here 'tiz;

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