Find a way into contributing, Berlin, Germany


Im quite fascinated by the idea all about ads and distributing the payments for content you really like to see. If anyone likes to meet and find a way into developing brave… maybe we can find a way together to get into programming and help the project after work…?
6 years Experience, Python/Django/JS/Adtec guy here…


Hallo, wir entwickeln das Browser auf unsere GitHub repositories. Für das Laptop / Desktop browser findest du eine auf

Du kannst immer uns Patches, Suggestions usw. via Pull Request schicken :slight_smile: Wenn du gewohnt mit React bist, dann ist es perfekt.


Hallo! Wie geht es ihnen? Ich bin Brasilien.

I’m learning Deutsche, however. I have been studying for a year.

But I love the language and the culture from Germany.

Goethe, Schiler, Nietzsche, Ludwig van Beethoven, Brahms, Weber Herzog, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau etc.

Nice to meet you!

:de: :brazil: :de: :brazil: :de: :brazil: :metal::metal::metal::metal::violin::musical_note::notes::musical_score::guitar::movie_camera::film_projector: