Filters for iran


Hello everyone
I have tried your browser 3 times and send this issue via email to support but still, the problem exists filters for Iran does not work at all Persian websites are coming with most ads and banners than other sites almost copying rules to custom filters does not help please fix this issue.



Does this not work?

cc: @luke.mulks


yeah ad block for Iran is not working I have it in another browser and other ad blocker and its working just fine but from the very first it added into brave browser didn’t work at all.


cc @luke.mulks for more info


My brave version is 0.19.95 and I’m running a windows 7 operating system
Persian filters didn’t worked for me before but I have installed the latest version and its kind of not working perfectly its blocking very few ads which are showing and the boarder is not removed (it shows a big blank boarder when blocking the ad).