File saving improvement suggestion

This is feedback of how using brave could be easier.

One of the grievances I have with brave which is stopping it from being my favorite browser is how it handles file saving.
I save a lot of things, and it quickly becomes an annoyance compared to other browsers.

Currently; You can either have brave ask you where to save files 100% of the time, or automatically download to a chosen location 100% of the time.
(Also oddly, when I set that location to be something other than my downloads folder, say, my pictures folder, it will automatically bring that folder up when saving files such as .ZIPs, but when saving image files it automatically goes to downloads)

How it should be; Choosing to always ask me where to save files always brings up the save-as dialogue box, exactly as it is currently. BUT, when the option is checked to automatically download to a chosen location, this should ONLY apply to download links and downloads that begin automatically. When you right click > Save Image… / Save Link as… it should ALWAYS ask you where you want to save the file. (This could be another option you can turn on and off, perhaps)

If I click a link to download a .zip or any other random file, I want it to go straight to my downloads folder. I don’t mind it asking, but it does get a little inconvenient. But when I click “Save image” on the right-click menu, or whatever it is I’m saving, I want it to ask me so I can choose the appropriate location.
Brave should also remember the last location used. Preferably a separate thing to the last location tou uploaded a file from, but this isn’t completely necessary.

This will be a quality of life improvement that will make Brave much easier to use. It might seem like a minor issue, but it comes up a lot and can be the difference between a tedious inconvenience and a streamlined, efficient use.
Especially for someone who saves a lot of files and often goes saving hoards of images like I and many others do.

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