File "client.json" did not update and about half of all profiles do not recieved any ads after last updates

after 1.27.108 update about half of all my profiles do not recieved any ads, last ads from 21 june. 1.27.109 did not fixed that problem. Browser is the same on the same pc. New tab picture are showing, but balance not change. regular ads are not showing. Ads per hour became 5 again after 0, but nothing happend. Other half profiles is working. What can it be? I tried off-on ads/profiles/pc, nothing happened.

Brave Ads Resources (RU) - version:
Состояние - update error

RU AdList (Дополнительная региональная подписка) - Версия: 1.0.1014

Brave Ads Resources (ru) - Версия: 1.0.11

i have 5 profiles at 1 pc. after last update profiles №1,2,3 cant recieved any ads and any bat from new tab ads from july 21. client.json cant updated for this profiles. But profiles № 4 and 5 is working, client.json updated, regular ads is showing, new tab ads is working, balance is changing. And all of this is in the same time. I tried a lot of times: 4/5 is working as before, 1/2/3 is nothing.

after all i added updated “client.json” from working profile to notworking profile, but nothing happened. i just see now the history of ads showing from working profile, but ads is not working.

what can it be with my notworking profiles?

i fing at journal this

[26 июл. 2021 г., 6:58:11,0] Failed to get signed tokens
[26 июл. 2021 г., 6:58:12,1] Failed to get creative new tab page ad

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