File chooser freezed - its still happening (with template)

File chooser freeze Brave and also windows exploer

It happens randomly maybe once or twice a day, last time was uploading a photo to twitter, the file chooser locked up brave. I would say 1% of the time so be patient.

File chooser should open the last directory and you can choose a file.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.5.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Additional Information:
THis is still happening on windows.

I also notice you use an old windows dialogue API.

In my case I have a number of network shares that are unreachable, in case that helps you diagnose the problem.
It just happened again when saving a pdf from the DHL website.

This time my network shares were live, too.
Most times the file chooser also takes out Windoze 10 explorer too, so you lose the launcher as well, then you have to reboot.

This is turning into an epic fail!

Last failure was uploading a picture into twitter.

FYI we also have Bitdefender, this cannot be turned off, corporate policy

Also FYI I usually run with about 5 windows open on different virtual Win10 desktops, and a total of around 60 tabs all open at once.

This has happened just now twice in a row, when uploading photos to hackaday, and then yet another time uploading to eBay.

I think I’ll have to abandon Brave for now if I ever have to upload or download files.

I do local development on my computer in Brave, and I have run into an issue since the last Brave update where none of my file upload fields will work at all. You click on the button and it does nothing. When I open localhost in Chrome, it works, so this is a Brave issue.

My issue isn’t exactly like the OP, but close enough that I thought I’d tack it on here. This is my first time posting, so please advise if I should create a new post.

Bitdefender isn’t a choice for me, corporate policy, so it looks like I am back to Chrome now, I can’t put up with reboots twice a day (because this bug takes out explorer too.)

Bye Bye Brave (New World) it was nice knowing you.

“1hour Estimated Time Saved”

2 Hours estimated time wasted!

I am just wondering, did Brave developers ever chase this bug up and fix it, as I couln’t keep logging in to keep the bug alive.

It seems like a bad policy to close bugs down automatically after a month without addressing the issue.

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