Fidelity Full View

Fidelity Full View consolidates many accounts, Fidelity/non-Fidelity, Brave returns a message from Fidelity that says they think I’ve got a Safari browser and I should disable cross-site blocking.

Chrome has no problem with this. Whether this is a feature or a fault is unclear!!!

huh? please be more detailed

If you don’t have a Fidelity account, you won’t understand. If you do, I can’t be any more explicit!

okay, thanks. I would try to create one.

I’m having issues with Fidelity full view as well and I can include a screen cap.

Whenever you visit the site and click on full view it’ll take you to a login screen with a yellow banner. After attempting to login it reloads the same page and doesn’t allow you to access full view. This only happens on Brave Browser. If I try to access the site on Internet Explorer then it loads up normally without a second login prompt like it’s supposed to.