FFZ+FFZ Add-On Pack

I’d like to see and be able to use these addons for Twitch; they offer bttv gifs/emotes and ffz gifs/emotes and a lot of settings for chat experience and UI change.


Is this similar to what is requested here

Kind of but FFZ offers a lot more options and has more emotes that a lot of channels use nowadays.

That’s why I added FFZ and FFZ Add-On Pack as a request because the Add-On pack has BTTV emotes inside.

Bump. Need this, more so than BTTV. If you have FFZ and the addon pack, you don’t need BTTV at all. BTTV does not do the same for FFZ.

Therefore, lets get FFZ approved before BTTV.

This is one of the reasons I still use Waterfox, because I can’t use this with Brave.

WAY better than Better Twitch TV. In fact, with the addon pack, it can do everything BTTV can do and then some.

Also a vote for this. Like @thegiant FFZ + FFZ:AP contains everything BTTV does and more. You only need FFZ + FFZ:AP