Few suggestions



First hats off to brave. I really love it. I have fewsuggestion/request.

  1. would it be possible for brave to run in the background after closing like chrome do when we install apps like “gmail offline”. Or if brave would minimize itself to notification area of windows upon closing that would make it easier to open it by clicking on the quick launch icon in the notification area of windows.
  2. Also if the size of tabs are bit bigger then it would be easy on the eye. If you could reduce the space below address bar slightly and use it to increase the height of the “tabs bar” it would look even great.
  3. on mouse hover the soft round edged orange color buttons of brave gets a sharp edged white color rectangle glow. If the button could be smooth all the time it will be great. (like the grey color buttons of brave) to understand my request please go the the sync setting page and move your mouse over “I am new to sync” then over “I have an existing sync code”

I am going to replace chrome with brave. I love it so much


Hi, thanks for the suggestions. We’ll take them into consideration. Best,

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